by Thierry Nicolas - January 01, 2011

Estate Vietto

Amongst Barolo's great estates, it is hard for newcomers to make their name. But the Azienda Agricola Vietto is doing a fine job, producing wines of character and pleasure, that reflect their makers.  

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Novello, one of the 11 areas where Barolo wine is made, is the home of the ‘’Azienda Agricole Vietto’’.  A name that is hardly known in the wine world, but should soon become one of the better known ones, as one can find unparalleled hospitality here and some noteworthy wines.

But first, a little bit about the winery. The history of Vietto goes back to the time, when the grandfather of Davide and Luigi bought the old house and vineyards in 1930 and expended the vineyard with the purchase of the ‘’Bricc de Panerole’’, a vineyard on the top of a hill, lying in the Novello and Monforte d’alba territory. His son Pietro expanded it in 1958 with the part of the building where the wine is currently made. Until the year 2000 wine was made for family and friends only, which was quite normal in the past. Since then, with the effort of Davide and Luigi, they started to make quality wine for commercial purposes. Five of the Vietto family members work in the winery: Davide is the winemaker and does handwork in the vineyards together with his mother and Giovanna. Luigi, Davide’s brother, does the machine work in the vineyard. The wives of Davide and Luigi, both named Silvia, work in the cellar and handle the orders.

It is also them, who take the time to show you around the cellars and vinification rooms. Being incredibly friendly, and always smiling, they make you feel more than welcome here. Davide, is of a similarly positive and warm character, and might join you for the tasting, which can take a while and turn into a full meal. They like to start with a special cheese, which paired beautifully with a chutney called ‘’cögna’’. This ancient piedmont chutney is made with grape must, fruits (apples, pears, figs) and nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts). Then, what better than continuing with lunch: simple but delicious pasta, with which the wines pair extremely well.

For now, their Barolo 2005 is too young and tannic to drink, but it should evolve beautifully in the next years. The most interesting wines that are ready to drink are the Barbera 2007, the Barolo 2004 and Nas-cetta 2009. This nas-cetta grape, only found in Novello was used here for personnel use only.  That might be due to the case, that the grape is very difficult (labour intensive) to grow. This wine is not so full of fruit and has very distinctive aroma’s, such as herbs and hay. Very few wineries produce this grape, but Elvio Cogno is one of them. The fact that Elvio Cogno and Vietto have a family bond might have something to do with it.

The vineyards, where all of these wines come from comprise 9 hectares, planted with four grape varieties:  Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Nas-cetta. The Dolcetto and Barbera both grow on 2.5 hectares with a limestone soil.  The 4 hectares of Nebbiolo are divided over two pieces of land, San Piedro in Monforte d’Alba facing south and southwest, has a limy soil, and Bricc de Panerole also facing south to southwest, which has a limestone soil with some clay in it. The fermentation and malolactic fermentation take place in vertical stainless steel tanks. Once they are completed, the aging takes place in light to medium toasted Slovenian oak barriques (made in France) bought one or two years old. Their total production is about 23000 bottles.

The company still is very young and they are aware that there is plenty to learn still. But, they are eager to learn from their surrounding wineries and they surely they will reach their goal: To make a high quality wine with good aging potential, and they are already on their way! For oeno-toerists that look for an affordable wine and an intimate lovely experience at a winery, this is the place to visit.


Azienda Agricola Vietto

Address: Località Panerole, 22 Novello (CN)


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